module Shrine::Plugins::Logging

  1. lib/shrine/plugins/logging.rb

The logging plugin logs any storing/processing/deleting that is performed.

plugin :logging

This plugin is useful when you want to have overview of what exactly is going on, or you simply want to have it logged for future debugging. By default the logging output looks something like this:

2015-10-09T20:06:06.676Z #25602: STORE[cache] ImageUploader[:avatar] User[29543] 1 file (0.1s)
2015-10-09T20:06:06.854Z #25602: PROCESS[store]: ImageUploader[:avatar] User[29543] 1-3 files (0.22s)
2015-10-09T20:06:07.133Z #25602: DELETE[destroyed]: ImageUploader[:avatar] User[29543] 3 files (0.07s)

The plugin accepts the following options:


This allows you to change the logging output into something that may be easier to grep. Accepts :human (default), :json and :logfmt.


The default logging stream is $stdout, but you may want to change it, e.g. if you log into a file. This option is passed directly to (from the “logger” Ruby standard library).


This allows you to change the logger entirely. This is useful for example in Rails applications, where you might want to assign this option to Rails.logger.

The default format is probably easiest to read, but may not be easiest to grep. If this is important to you, you can switch to another format:

plugin :logging, format: :json
# {"action":"upload","phase":"cache","uploader":"ImageUploader","attachment":"avatar",...}

plugin :logging, format: :logfmt
# action=upload phase=cache uploader=ImageUploader attachment=avatar record_class=User ...

Logging is by default disabled in tests, but you can enable it by setting Shrine.logger.level = Logger::INFO.


Public Class

  1. configure
  2. load_dependencies

Public Class methods

configure (uploader, opts = {})
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# File lib/shrine/plugins/logging.rb, line 53
def self.configure(uploader, opts = {})
  uploader.opts[:logging_stream] = opts.fetch(:stream, uploader.opts.fetch(:logging_stream, $stdout))
  uploader.opts[:logging_logger] = opts.fetch(:logger, uploader.opts.fetch(:logging_logger, uploader.create_logger))
  uploader.opts[:logging_format] = opts.fetch(:format, uploader.opts.fetch(:logging_format, :human))

  Shrine.deprecation("The :heroku logging format has been renamed to :logfmt. Using :heroku name will stop being supported in Shrine 3.") if uploader.opts[:logging_format] == :heroku
load_dependencies (uploader, *)
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# File lib/shrine/plugins/logging.rb, line 49
def self.load_dependencies(uploader, *)
  uploader.plugin :hooks