module Shrine::Plugins::MetadataAttributes

  1. lib/shrine/plugins/metadata_attributes.rb

The metadata_attributes plugin allows you to sync attachment metadata to additional record attributes. You can provide a hash of mappings to the plugin call itself or the Attacher.metadata_attributes method:

plugin :metadata_attributes, :size => :size, :mime_type => :type
# or
plugin :metadata_attributes
Attacher.metadata_attributes :size => :size, :mime_type => :type

The above configuration will sync size metadata field to <attachment>_size record attribute, and mime_type metadata field to <attachment>_type record attribute.

user.avatar = image
user.avatar.metadata["size"]      #=> 95724
user.avatar_size                  #=> 95724
user.avatar.metadata["mime_type"] #=> "image/jpeg"
user.avatar_type                  #=> "image/jpeg"

user.avatar = nil
user.avatar_size #=> nil
user.avatar_type #=> nil

If you want to specify the full record attribute name, pass the record attribute name as a string instead of a symbol.

Attacher.metadata_attributes :filename => "original_filename"

# ...

photo.image = image
photo.original_filename #=> "nature.jpg"

If any corresponding metadata attribute doesn't exist on the record, that metadata sync will be silently skipped.


Public Class

  1. configure

Public Class methods

configure (uploader, mappings = {})
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# File lib/shrine/plugins/metadata_attributes.rb, line 41
def self.configure(uploader, mappings = {})
  uploader.opts[:metadata_attributes_mappings] ||= {}