module Shrine::Plugins::RestoreCachedData

  1. lib/shrine/plugins/restore_cached_data.rb

The restore_cached_data plugin re-extracts metadata when assigning already cached files, i.e. when the attachment has been retained on validation errors or assigned from a direct upload. In both cases you may want to re-extract metadata on the server side, mainly to prevent tempering, but also in case of direct uploads to obtain metadata that couldn't be extracted on the client side.

plugin :restore_cached_data

It uses the refresh_metadata plugin to re-extract metadata.


Public Class

  1. load_dependencies

Public Class methods

load_dependencies (uploader, *)
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# File lib/shrine/plugins/restore_cached_data.rb, line 16
def self.load_dependencies(uploader, *)
  uploader.plugin :refresh_metadata