class Shrine::Storage::FileSystem

  1. lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
Superclass: Object


Public Class methods

new(directory, prefix: nil, clean: true, permissions: 0644, directory_permissions: 0755)

Initializes a storage for uploading to the filesystem.


The directory relative to directory to which files will be stored, and it is included in the URL.


The UNIX permissions applied to created files. Can be set to nil, in which case the default permissions will be applied. Defaults to 0644.


The UNIX permissions applied to created directories. Can be set to nil, in which case the default permissions will be applied. Defaults to 0755.


By default empty folders inside the directory are automatically deleted, but if it happens that it causes too much load on the filesystem, you can set this option to false.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
31 def initialize(directory, prefix: nil, clean: true, permissions: 0644, directory_permissions: 0755)
32   if prefix
33     @prefix = Pathname(relative(prefix))
34     @directory = Pathname(directory).join(@prefix).expand_path
35   else
36     @directory = Pathname(directory).expand_path
37   end
39   @permissions = permissions
40   @directory_permissions = directory_permissions
41   @clean = clean
43   unless @directory.exist?
44     @directory.mkpath
45     @directory.chmod(directory_permissions) if directory_permissions
46   end
47 end

Public Instance methods


Deletes all files from the directory. If a block is passed in, deletes only the files for which the block evaluates to true.

file_system.clear! # deletes all files and subdirectories in the storage directory
file_system.clear! { |path| path.mtime < - 7*24*60*60 } # deletes only files older than 1 week
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    # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
104 def clear!(&condition)
105   if condition
106     list_files(directory) do |path|
107       next unless
108       path.delete
109       clean(path) if clean?
110     end
111   else
112     directory.children.each(&:rmtree)
113   end
114 end

Delets the file, and by default deletes the containing directory if it’s empty.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
85 def delete(id)
86   path = path(id)
87   path.delete
88   clean(path) if clean?
89 rescue Errno::ENOENT
90 end

Deletes the specified directory on the filesystem.


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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
95 def delete_prefixed(delete_prefix)
96   FileUtils.rm_rf directory.join(delete_prefix)
97 end

Returns true if the file exists on the filesystem.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
69 def exists?(id)
70   path(id).exist?
71 end
open(id, **options)

Opens the file on the given location in read mode. Accepts additional arguments.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
62 def open(id, **options)
63   path(id).open(binmode: true, **options)
64 rescue Errno::ENOENT
65   raise Shrine::FileNotFound, "file #{id.inspect} not found on storage"
66 end

Returns the full path to the file.

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    # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
117 def path(id)
118   directory.join(id.gsub("/", File::SEPARATOR))
119 end
upload(io, id, move: false, **)

Copies the file into the given location.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
50 def upload(io, id, move: false, **)
51   if move && movable?(io)
52     move(io, path!(id))
53   else
54     IO.copy_stream(io, path!(id))
55   end
57   path(id).chmod(permissions) if permissions
58 end
url(id, host: nil, **options)

If prefix is not present, returns a path composed of directory and the given id. If prefix is present, it excludes the directory part from the returned path (e.g. directory can be set to “public” folder). Both cases accept a :host value which will be prefixed to the generated path.

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   # File lib/shrine/storage/file_system.rb
78 def url(id, host: nil, **options)
79   path = (prefix ? relative_path(id) : path(id)).to_s
80   host ? host + path : path
81 end