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New features

  • Shrine::Attacher.promote and Shrine::Attacher.delete from the backgrounding plugin now return the record (unless the record wasn't found or the action aborted).
class PromoteJob
  include Sidekiq::Worker

  def perform(data)
    record = Shrine::Attacher.promote(data)
    record.update(published: true) if record.is_a?(Post)

Other improvements

  • Custom metadata (which can be set by overriding Shrine#extract_metadata) is now properly inherited from cached files, and Shrine#extact_metadata is now only called once.

  • If the record was deleted before the background job for promoting started, instead of erroring, the job now ignores that error and immediately finishes.

  • Fixed a very unlikely scenario where a background job could replaced an updated attachment on subsequent attachment updates, by wrapping the check if the attachment changed and updating the attachment in a database transaction.

  • Prevented starting the background job if the attachment has already changed, which fixes a relatively harmless attack where the end user could create a lot of retrying jobs by updating the attachment with a corrupted file.

  • All IOs are now closed even if their upload errors.