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Shrine 3.3.0

New features

  • The :create_on_promote option has been added to the derivatives plugin for automatically creating derivatives after the attached cached file is promoted to permanent storage.

    Shrine.plugin :derivatives, create_on_promote: true
  • The :auto_extraction option has been added to the store_dimensions plugin for skipping automatically extracting dimensions on upload.

    Shrine.plugin :store_dimensions, auto_extraction: false
  • The :skip_nil option has been added to the add_metadata plugin for excluding metadata keys whose values are nil.

    class PdfUploader < Shrine
      add_metadata :pages, skip_nil: true do |io|
        if is_pdf?(io)
          reader =
          # If this is not a PDF, then the pages metadata will not be stored
  • The :download option has been added to derivatives processors in derivatives plugin for skipping converting the source IO object into a file. This can be used to avoid a potentially expensive download/copy when the derivatives processor doesn't need the file.

    Attacher.derivatives :my_processor, download: false do |source|
      source #=> Could be File, Shrine::UploadedFile, or other IO-like object
      shrine_class.with_file(source) do |file|
        # can force download/copy if necessary with `with_file`,

Bug fixes

  • The upload_endpoint now handles calling Shrine.upload_response method from a Rails controller.

  • The derivation_endpoint plugin now applies the version query parameter to the derivation when creating the response.

Other improvements

  • The new Aws:S3::EncryptionV2::Client is now supported by the S3 storage for client-side encryption.

  • The derivation_endpoint now reduces the possibility of timing attacks by comparing URL signatures in constant time using Rack::Utils.secure_compare.

  • The derivatives plugin now copies non-file source IO objects to disk before passing them to the processor. This is consistent with how a Shrine::UploadedFile object is downloaded to disk.

  • The sequel and activerecord plugins now call Attacher#reload when reloading the model, which reloads the attached files but keeps other attacher state.

  • The derivatives plugin doesn't download the attached file anymore if attempting to process derivatives when no derivatives processor was defined.

  • The mirroring plugin now forwards attacher options when uploading to mirror storages.

  • The presign_endpoint plugin now handles the OPTIONS HTTP verb, which newer versions of Uppy are requesting.

  • Shrine::Storage::Memory#open now always returns a StringIO in the file content's original encoding, instead of the encoding set by Encoding.default_internal. This works around a bug in StringIO introduced in Ruby 2.7.0.

  • The remove_attachment plugin now deletes the removed file if a new file was attached right after removal.

Backwards compatibility

  • If you were passing a non-file IO object to the derivatives processor, Shrine will now convert it into a file beforehand. If you're currently doing this and are converting the IO object into a file inside the processor, you can now remove the conversion code to avoid doubling the amount of disk writes.

  • When reloading a Sequel/ActiveRecord model, any attacher state other than uploaded files will now be retained after the reload. If you were relying on all the attacher state being re-initialized, you'll need to update your code.