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Shrine 3.2.1

Ruby 2.7 compatibility

  • Shrine doesn't trigger Ruby 2.7 warnings for separation of positional and keyword arguments anymore.

  • Down 5.1.0 has been released, which resolves warnings and a FrozenError exception on Ruby 2.7. Shrine now requires at least this version of Down.

    If you're using Down::Http, make sure you're using http.rb 4.3.0 or newer.

  • ImageProcessing 1.10.3 gem has been released which resolves Ruby 2.7 warnings as well. If you're using it for image processing, make sure to upgrade to this version:

    gem "image_processing", ">= 1.10.3", "< 2"

Rack 2.1 compatibility

  • The derivation_endpoint plugin now uses Rack::Files on Rack 2.1 or newer.

Other improvements

  • The S3#open method now handles empty S3 objects.