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Shrine 2.17.0

New features

  • The download_endpoint plugin now accepts ad-hoc options when creating the endpoint instance, which override any plugin options.

    Shrine.download_endpoint(disposition: "attachment")
  • The Shrine::Attacher#assign_remote_url method in the remote_url plugin now accepts additional options forwarded to Shrine#upload.

    attacher.assign_remote_url(url, metadata: { "mime_type" => "text/plain" })
  • The Shrine::Attacher#assign_data_uri method has been added to the data_uri plugin, which accepts additional Shrine#upload options.

    attacher.assign_data_uri(uri, metadata: { "filename" => "custom.txt" })
  • The default_url plugin now accepts a :host option for specifying the URL host.

    plugin :default_url, host: ""
    Attacher.default_url { "/#{name}/missing.png" }
    user.avatar_url #=> ""

Other improvements

  • The derivation_endpoint plugin now works correctly when moving plugin is loaded and upload: true is set.

  • The Shrine.download_endpoint object is now compatible with the Rails router again (this was broken in Shrine 2.15.0).

  • The rack_response plugin was in certain cases producing nil-chunks for the response body, which caused exceptions with some web servers. This has now been fixed.

  • The rack_response plugin now stops retrieving file content that goes past the range specified in the Range header. This improves performance for storage classes that internally use Down::ChunkedIO.

  • The derivation_endpoint, rack_response, and download_endpoint plugins now include ETag in the headers of responses, preventing the Rack::ETag middleware from buffering the response body.

  • Fixed inheritance of process blocks in the processing plugin. Now adding process blocks in the Shrine subclass won't affect the superclass.

  • Improved performance of Shrine::Storage::FileSystem#delete by switching from Dir.foreach to Dir.empty?.

  • The parsed_json plugin now accepts hashes with symbol keys.

  • The versions plugin now accepts string version names in Shrine::Attacher#url.

  • The versions plugin now supports returning a hash of versions with string names inside the process block.

  • The download_endpoint plugin has been rewritten to use plain Rack, so Roda isn't a dependency anymore.

  • The endpoint's #inspect and #to_s outputs in upload_endpoint, presign_endpoint, download_endpoint, and derivation_endpoint plugins have been simplified. Now the rake routes command output in Rails apps should be much more compact.

    # BEFORE:
    ImageUploader.upload_endpoint(:cache)  #=> #<Shrine::Plugins::UploadEndpoint::App:0x00007f91bec17dc8 @max_size=nil, @rack_response=nil, @shrine_class=ImageUploader, @storage_key=:cache, @upload=nil, @upload_context=nil>
    ImageUploader.presign_endpoint(:cache) #=> #<Shrine::Plugins::PresignEndpoint::App:0x00007f91beca4ea8 @presign=nil, @presign_location=nil, @presign_options=nil, @rack_response=nil, @shrine_class=ImageUploader, @storage_key=:cache>
    ImageUploader.download_endpoint        #=> #<Class:0x00007f91bed1fa90>
    ImageUploader.derivation_endpoint      #=> #<Shrine::DerivationEndpoint:0x00007f91bed4c900 @options={}, @shrine_class=ImageUploader>
    # AFTER:
    ImageUploader.upload_endpoint(:cache)  #=> #<ImageUploader::UploadEndpoint(:cache)>
    ImageUploader.presign_endpoint(:cache) #=> #<ImageUploader::PresignEndpoint(:cache)>
    ImageUploader.download_endpoint        #=> #<ImageUploader::DownloadEndpoint>
    ImageUploader.derivation_endpoint      #=> #<ImageUploader::DerivationEndpoint>
  • The derivation_endpoint plugin is now compatible with Rack 1.6.

  • The metadata_attributes plugin now preserves Attacher#assign method signature, by retaining the second options argument.

Backwards compatibility

  • The support for MRI 2.3 has been dropped.

  • The automatic filename fallback was removed from the :marcel analyzer in determine_mime_type plugin, as in some cases it caused MIME type to be incorrectly determined and could cause potential security issues. You can still opt in for it:

    plugin :determine_mime_type, analyzer: :marcel, analyzer_options: { filename_fallback: true }
  • The Shrine::Plugins::UploadEndpoint::App class from the upload_endpoint plugin has been renamed to Shrine::UploadEndpoint. The old constant will be removed in Shrine 3.

  • The Shrine::Plugins::PresignEndpoint::App class from the presign_endpoint plugin has been renamed to Shrine::PresignEndpoint. The old constant will be removed in Shrine 3.

  • The Shrine::Plugins::DownloadEndpoint::App class is not a Roda subclass anymore, it's now a PORO whose instance responds to #call. This shouldn't affect your code unless you were calling Roda methods on that class.

  • The plugin options of upload_endpoint, presign_endpoint, and download_endpoint are now internally stored in a different place in Shrine.opts. This shouldn't affect your code unless you were accessing these options directly.

  • The Shrine::UrlSigner internal class in derivation_endpoint plugin has been updated. This shouldn't affect your code unless you were using/overriding that class.