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New features

  • Added :namespace option to pretty_location plugin for including the model namespace into the location.

  • Addded :include_error option to remote_url plugin which gives you access to the download error instance when generating the error message.

  • Added <attachment>_cached? and <attachment>_stored? to migration_helpers for easier handling of uploading logic in ORM hooks:

class Photo < Sequel::Model
  def before_save
    if column_changed?(:image) && image_stored? # promote
      # ...

Other improvements

  • Fixed uploading an S3 file making an additional unneeded GET request in addition to the S3 COPY request.

  • When the model with an attachment is namespaced, the namespace isn't included in the location anymore when using the pretty_location plugin.

  • Dumped Down version to 2.0.0 to fix downloading files from URLs which have "[]" characters in them.

  • The IO is now rewinded even if FastImage fails to extract dimensions from the IO

  • The IO is now rewinded when using MimeMagic to extract the MIME type.

  • When uploading a Shrine::UploadedFile, the default location generator will first look for the extension in #id before looking at #original_filename.

  • The remote_url plugin now returns separate error messsages when file wasn't found and when the file was too large.

  • Fixed promoting raising an error if the record got deleted before promoting finished

  • UploadedFile#original_filename, #size and #content_type now return nil when corresponding metadata keys are missing instead of raising a KeyError.

  • Fixed errors being able to accumulate on the record object when errors occur in data_uri and remote_url plugins.

  • The "metadata" key isn't required anymore when instantiating a Shrine::UploadedFile.

  • The top-level key-values aren't cached anymore when instantiating a Shrine::UploadedFile, which means that #id, #storage_key and #metadata will now pick up any mutations on the data hash.

  • Removed a deprecation warning in the S3 storage which occurs when AWS credentials are inferred implicitly.

  • The extracted metadata is now accessible inside Shrine#generate_location via the :metadata key in the context hash.

  • Shrine#upload doesn't mutate the given context hash anymore.

  • Shrine::Attacher#backup_file from the backup plugin doesn't modify the input UploadedFile anymore.


  • The keep_location plugin is deprecated, as the same behaviour can easily be achieved by overriding Shrine#generate_location:
class ImageUploader < Shrine
  def generate_location(io, context)
    if io.is_a?(UploadedFile) && context[:phase] == :store